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I tried several times to post my below comment to Robert’s blog post of August 23, 2019: “Faith… License To Be a Sociopath.” I guess I am being censored at his blog site, so I will instead post my response to Robert’s article here in my own blog. Having visited before, perhaps Robert will eventually see my comment here. Reference Robert’s original post at:


::: Maybe religion can’t be “rationally argued” but WHAT Jesus said about himself certainly CAN be.

Listen Robert: I respect you. I respect your being able to express your own free-will opinion. I mean you no harm. That being said, allow me to say this: I DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING CALLED A “SOCIOPATH!” Just because I disagree with your intellectually-derived (and debatable) beliefs does not make me a “sociopath” any more than it makes you a “sociopath” not agreeing with my beliefs. That’s just virulently rude and COMPLETELY out of bounds. You need to tone it down a notch, pilgrim.

As another person commented to you in another thread, you need to restrain yourself a little bit better in terms of using such frequent and excessive pejoratives. Calling all people of faith “sociopaths” is completely unreasonable in any legitimate philosophical discussion. It substantively subtracts from your arguments, Robert… truly does. I’m praying for your soul, pilgrim :::

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I am a 71 year-old, married male, living in Dallas, Texas. Pre-eminently, I am a born-again Christian. My interests include THE WORD, space exploration, astronomy, science, naturopathic health remedies, the golden age of rock and roll, writing, animals, and various other random ruminations.

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