Great Quote – Mitch Teemley

The above (typewriter-written) quote is a useful insight by Mitch Teemley. In writing (as in life), it is indeed best to kind of know where you’re going with something.

It kind of goes without saying, but on the other hand some of us are unfortunately all too guilty of strutting out onto that high wire without a real game plan. Having an end in mind just facilitates a more efficient thought process and a better end product. It reinforces structure and readability when you know where you’re going with something. Improvisation in art is essential, but it also never hurts to stand back and at least consider the deal first.

I’m all too guilty of the opposite. Blogging is my art now and too often I take off into the wild blue yonder without thinking. The result is sometimes disheveled and chaotic. Blogging should be coherent. It should have pace and interleave well. It should have a spirit and a purpose. One should not deviate too wildly from the blog’s intended theme. This takes a little forethought. Think about things before you venture out into the deep blue sea. There’s sharks out there you know! (whoops! I’m preaching to myself for sure now 🥴).

Mitch Teemley is a gifted writer. He’s also a brother in the faith. He’s got a great grasp of things. Top notch writer. His sense of humor is just outrageous (genius comedy). Check out the referenced “scar story” of his below. Need a good laugh? Absolutely hilarious! ===>

Mitch Teemley blog site:

Published by JCT => Born-Again

I am a 71 year-old, married male, living in Dallas, Texas. Pre-eminently, I am a born-again Christian. My interests include THE WORD, space exploration, astronomy, science, naturopathic health remedies, the golden age of rock and roll, writing, animals, and various other random ruminations.

7 thoughts on “Great Quote – Mitch Teemley

  1. Although I live in the opposite direction, you know, my love of Jazz, which means I know where things start but not necessarily where they will finish…I admire such a statement and I think that such discipline, such well crafted planning is something very meritorious! Great Blog my brother, thank you! WE ARE CHURCH! Love you brother, stay well!

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    1. Hey, I understand. Jazz requires a preponderance of improvisation. No question. My post was not meant as any kind of negative statement directed toward you. You are a modern day Picasso in my book: the *Cisco Kid*! You know I love your work: jaZz, the Line, knock-you-out color, King Of abstract juxtaposition. Love you, brother.

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      1. Love you too brother! And I never thought that your statement was negative, on the contrary, I admire people that can apply such a discipline to their life. I was in the military and later in the police for many years, adhering to strict rules of discipline, but things in my life always gravitated towards improvisation and thus my love of jazz…I thank you for the words of kindness, I know they come from a pure heart that loves the Lord, but Picasso was a genius and I am far from it, but it is a challenge for me to paint and to try to create as much as I can, while I am here. And you are right, I call my art JaZzArt and it is abstract but figurative abstract, at least most of the time. My greetings to you from Spain (where tonight it is cold…)

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      2. Well, here in the Mediterranean little corner of eastern Spain, the Comunitat Valeniana (Valencia) the weather is usually great! But since Sunday night it had been non-stop rain! It is still raining, but not torrencially like in Miami…slight drizzle…I do not live in the plains, where me grandmother was born, (La Mancha) but in the eastern coast, Valencia. All the best to you my brother, love you in Christ

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