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I realize that I keep re-visiting this metaphor, but please allow. As I have aged I find that I have become more and more pre-occupied with allegory and metaphor. Small things take on larger meaning. There are fractals of wisdom inter-connected within fractals of other fractals… all metaphorically and metaphysically linked together (quantum entanglement being a slightly-exemplifying metaphor).

There is such meaning embedded in so many venues of life. Lessons and parables abound. Not only in the little things but possibly even more-so in the little things for me. The human mind can’t keep up with it all. I know I can’t.

The Holy Spirit speaks ever so gently, but brother and sister, does He ever speak POWERFULLY! One is slain in His presence. Many of you know what I’m talking about. The Holy Spirit often speaks magically and wonderfully to believers though. His Wisdom will often overwhelm.

When we come to a place in our lives where we have actually opened up our spiritual ears to hear, we find that He has been waiting for us in a more powerful sense for a long time. It is all so sweet and so dear! Joy supreme!

Back to The NOW => the NOW is one of life’s enduring metaphors. NOW is the evasive singularity in which we now exist. We live within the space/time continuum. Time can be broken down into very small pieces or it can be framed into larger structures. You can’t ever break time down small enough to stop it though… or to really get a good look at it. The analytical embrace required is infinite.

No matter how small you break time or space down one can always break it down further. It’s just a mathematical truism. Calculus deals with the fact that in calculation, one often *approaches* the solution by integrating between limits. And for all practical purposes that is sufficient. But scientific calculation is often an asymptotic approximation. It works. It’s good enough for “government work”, but it’s still a hamster on a treadmill who doesn’t ever quite actually get there.

What I’m so unsuccessfully trying to describe is a paradigm best described as being asymptotic. Reference my previous post: God Is the Asymptote:

God is the grand, infinite, impulse singularity that encompasses all of creation and beyond. You can’t get there from here. You can approach the Throne but ‘His glory He will share with none other.’ He is beyond complete comprehension.

I suspect that in one regard we will forever be metaphysically chasing the asymptote => forever bathing in an increasingly-lovely understanding of the Holy One – The One who truly and fully embodies infinity. It’s the grand fractal conundrum that exists within the Fourier spectrum of an impulse. It’s a mystery of the Godhead. Three-in-one who pre-existed as One. A mysterious singularity if ever there was one.

John 1:1 RSV In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I apologize. I have badly digressed. I don’t even remember my original thought now. I get lost in all these fractal thoughts. Isn’t that great? Perhaps I didn’t have a thought in the first place. You think? 🥴 Dog gone it. Call me Forest Gump. 🤪

Post has gotten too long anyway. Possibly to be continued…? I don’t know.

A big “howdy” to all. We say “howdy” a lot down here in Texas. Texas => What a wonderful and distinguished history!! I am humbled to be a (very) small part of this place. Davy Crockett, Sam Bowie, and Stephen F. Austin => forever legends in my book!

Later, dudes and dudettes. Love ya’…

PS: I apologize. I get so swept away in this stream of consciousness thing, that I lose track of where I am.

Walt Disney – A Great Man

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Walt Disney => Great man as well as an incredibly-gifted artist.

Even as much as I’ve enjoyed some of Disney’s latest creations – Toy Story 4 for example (Pixar)… I believe that Disney corporate has become, generally speaking, something Walt Disney would possibly have abhorred.

Call me Pollyanna, but were Walt Disney able to provide future guidance, Disney Corporation (creatively and corporately) would not have taken some of the dark turns in the road that they’ve taken since Walt’s passing.

Mickey Mouse, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, was about as dark as Walt Disney was ever going to get. Walt Disney would have personally resisted the dark-minded, party-line groupthink that has so viciously co-opted modern-day Hollywood.

Walt Disney sincerely loved and appreciated us kids (back in the 1950’s). Walt was not irrevocably married to the bottom line like so many are today. Walt believed in right and wrong and in genuine good will. Walt Disney was a generous man. He was a kind man.

I will always remember the autograph I received from Walt Disney back in the day (mid 50’s). A seven or eight (?) year-old boy, with a mother’s assistance, wrote a brief letter to Walt Disney requesting an autograph. In the midst of the huge disarray and disruption of developing DisneyLand, Walt Disney took time out and kindly responded to the whimsical request of a small child.

Along with Walt’s nice letter, Walt also carefully returned the boy’s letter. The boy had inscribed a large rectangle on his letter requesting that Walt sign his name <<right here>>. Walt Disney had complied, returning the boy’s letter with his colorful autograph dutifully tattooed onto the boy’s letter. 🤗

I still have that little rectangularized’ Walt Disney autograph somewhere around here. I will forever remember Walt Disney though… with a great deal of affection. He was one-of-a-kind 😢.

Above is his colorful signature alright. I can confirm that. GREAT man in my book. GREAT MAN!

Nobody Loves You – John Lennon

I know some reject John Lennon due to his total rejection of Jesus. I understand. But I want to again emphasize that I believe it’s important to always separate the art from the artist.

John Lennon was a stupendous, rock n’ roll music master. His contributions to rock n’ roll are legendary and incalculable. I mourn John Lennon’s passing as I also mourn his rejection of Jesus. However, I will forever love (most of) his music. There will never be a lyrical musician quite like him. The man was a gifted poet and a well-intentioned individual.

You are greatly missed by many, John Lennon.

Thanks To My “Followers”

Quote (above): Pinterest

A big thank you to each one of you who “follow” my blog.

It is quite gratifying to observe that SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY READING SOME OF MY POSTS!? What a deal! Who would ever have imagined?

I’m old. I’m sick. I’m retired. I’m entering that nasty grey fogField that lies at the edge. My immediate circle of friends and family has become quite small (lonesome George Gobel here). So I appreciate this wild and crazy little archipelago => this little “circus of the mind.”

I wanted to let you know that I sincerely appreciate you. You are NOT inconsequential to me. I value your association. I feel like I sorta’ know some of you guys (and gals) already. And as long as you don’t get to know me too well, I’m sure we’ll get along famously 🤠.

Proverbs 27:17 RSV Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 KJV Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

The shared blogosphere that we enjoy is a comfort and an inspiration to me. Each of us, as a separate nexus, enjoys a different little community – community being the operative word. We share and cross-pollinate each other in a menagerie of intersecting circles… each one of us being a distinct junction point (bundled into differing neuron packs) => firing off photo-chemical synapses in multiple directions => fractals within fractals, superposition processed into larger data structure realizations. A little bit analogous as to how the human brain operates (weird deal).

As you have blessed me, I will also try to bless you. Whether it be to entertain, to inform, to comfort, to edify, to inspire, or whatever other *heady😄* thing it might be, I promise to always try to be true to my “followers”. I will try to be real. I will try to empathize. I will try to help as I’m able. And I will try not to be TOO wigged’ out under plan B (don’t hold me to that last one too much, please). 🤪

Anyway, thank you precious “followers.” Lonesome George feels a bit better now. Coffee anyone? Hot tea? Glass of wine? Perhaps a blueberry scone? Talk atcha’ later, dudes and dudettes. Let’s meet up later at the “fork in the road.” 😎.


Thank you, WordPress. What a grand opportunity you afford people. I didn’t anticipate such a nice experience.

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American Girl – Tom Petty

Tagged in YouTube as Tom Petty’s last song (??) => See the below YouTube link.

We dearly miss you, Tom Petty.

Where did all the old ones go anyway? Death gets increasingly harder to deal with the older you get. All the people you knew up close or were acquainted with from a distance increasingly disappear off the radar screen. It really starts to get lonesome.

It didn’t bother me as much when I was younger. But now, I look around and there are so few left: the near, the dear, the distant. It’s just hard: the sadness, the ennui, the pretty much complete wipeout of your accustomed relationships and culture. Some (I hope most) of the old ones I will see again in heaven. But others??? I hate to think.

We miss you Tom Petty. A lot of us miss you a lot.

An Anthropological Dilemma

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A part of my walk with God has suffered from anthropological perceptions and pre-dispositions. Hold on => I can feel the eyeballs rolling already. What in blue blazes do I mean by that wacky, overblown statement? Let me see if I can communicate what I feel. I may or may not be able to explicate this in lucid fashion. But let me try anyway.

I fully understand that as we grow in faith and grace we are challenged. Our earthly walk is a trial by fire. The trial of our faith is more precious than gold. A life of Faith is not always an easy proposition. But Jesus told us: “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” The battle has already been won. All we have to do is walk in the victory that has already been purchased for us. Okay. I get that.

But candidly sharing… and it’s probably just my own degenerate mindset… but I have often worried about God. Albeit more-so in the past than now, I have truly worried about Him. I worry that => HE JUST HAS TO BE TOO BUSY! He is wearing his butt out, you know what I’m saying?

With the google-quadrillion plus variables God is always having to juggle, it’s no blooming wonder that He doesn’t always have time for me. Right? 🥴 He’s not close by because He’s attending to the infinity-plus details of the universe elsewhere. Correct? Wrong, Keem-O-Sawbee! This is an anthropological mis-apprehension – a total anthropological mis-perception.

We handicap ourselves trying to understand and feel God in an anthropological sense. That’s my primary point. God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. He’s all knowledgeable. He’s all powerful. He’s always there => EVERYWHERE! He’s with us ALWAYS… inside, out, and all around.

God is not too busy. Remember: “It is finished.” God foresaw it all even before he began the cosmos. Outside of the space-time continuum it’s already happened in the mind of God. God is not in the process of worry-warting’ everything to death (like man tends to do). It’s already in the bag. We don’t need to sweat it.

So… I sometimes have to reprove dumb butt here (moi) a little bit: don’t try to embrace God anthropologically. I remind myself that the Holy Spirit is always with me. He lives inside of me. He is always there. I need not worry about God’s capacity to get things done. He’s not tired. And nothing… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can ever separate me from the love of God. Amen and amen…

Coffee Fiends Unite! Coffee Helps Limit DNA Damage!

Where’s my creamer, momma’?
Ah-hh-hhh… das’ better, momma’!

Excerpted from a Life Extension article (below link):

A recent study discovered that coffee protects our DNA, the thin stretches of genetic material packed into virtually every cell in the body.

This new study adds to growing evidence recommending consumption of 2-4 cups of coffee daily helps protect against a host of age-related disorders.


“DNA damage contributes to accelerated aging.

In the trial, published in late 2018, coffee reduced DNA damage by a significant 23%.

There are many causes of damage to DNA, from normal metabolic processes to external factors like exposure to UV light or radiation.

As we age, the damage accumulates, leading to further, more rapid aging of organs and tissues.

Common disorders with links to DNA damage include cardiovascular, diabetes, inflammatory bowel, autoimmune, and cancer (problems).”

*** { see below link for more about what this study showed } ***


He loves his coffee, Marvin. Marvin: I know it!

Retail Has Become A Very Tough Market

Transformco, the parent company of Sears and Kmart is laying off hundreds at its Illinois headquarters.


CHICAGO — The parent company of Sears and Kmart has laid off more employees at its Hoffman Estates, Ill., headquarters, a week after announcing plans to close about a third of the retailer’s remaining stores.

The layoffs, which reportedly affected hundreds of employees, first were reported by Business Insider. The latest job cuts come just two months after a round of layoffs affecting about 250 workers.

This economy continues to deteriorate. You can call it a recession if you want too, but many of us perceive the state of affairs as being much worse than that. We appear to be perched on the precipice of gargantuan economic calamity. I hope not but… it isn’t looking so good from where I sit.

Re. Sears and Kmart: The big boys like Amazon and Walmart are driving retail companies out of business. HOW these two Goliaths are able to dominate the market place would appear to be: price and convenience. These days and times, it seemingly requires a huge organization/enterprise in order to be able to compete.

I don’t know about you but I dread the potential day when there is only going to be only one retail outlet, one bank, one grocery store, one movie company, one newspaper, one automobile, one government, ad nauseam. The escalating concentration of power just never seems to abate. Groupthink and “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” abound. It’s scary.

The concentration of power puts you in mind of the old GUM stores. There was basically just one retail store in the old Soviet Union => the GUM stores. A completely managed and fatally-flawed enterprise: shortages, bad prices, long lines, etc. Competition may have its tradeoffs, but when monopoly forces are allowed to increasingly dominate… well, we got big trouble brewing, folks.

GUM facing Red Square (presently a shopping mall)


Sears/Kmart article:

JCT Blogging Fundamentals


Granted, the below are just my own personal, misappropriated judgements. However, the opportunity of trying to assist a few bloggers out there in the blogosphere is greatly appreciated (note: I couldn’t wait to use the word, blogosphere. The word rolls so nicely off the tongue, doesn’t it? 🤪 ).

Being new to this Never Never Land of blogging (note: I’ve never been on Facebook either), I have come to a few realizations about blogging:

First off => Post pacing. Good blogging seems to be greatly about rhythm. It’s all about the gait – the pace. Manage the rate of posting. Do not under-post (people may lose attention). Do not over-post (people may get worn out and desert you). Get a good rhythm going and except for needed occasional variety (don’t get too monotone), maintain a fairly consistent rate of posting.

Talking about blogs other than commercial ones, blogs are rather slowly assimilated. “Followers” using Reader in WordPress do not need to be deluged with your postings. Maybe your mind works close to the speed of light (and though I probably blog too often, my mind certainly doesn’t move at the speed of light 🥴)… one needs to realize that reading and digesting multiple blogs (as most of us try to do), can sometimes be a tiring and tedious process. Reading takes some time. Be sensitive as to potentially wearing people out.

Truly good blog postings take a little concentrated attention to digest and appreciate. People tend to be 60 seconds here, 60 seconds there. We all have family, lives, and passions that have to be attended too. Most of us, we’re very busy out here in blogland’. Keep it concise. Blogging is sometimes a Blues Brothers mission; but even then, you have to grasp the rate of assimilation and the amount of time available to readership.

Which logically leads me to a second related point: Post length: You just have to force yourself to limit the length of your postings. Probably, the number one reason that posts are abandoned so frequently is that the posts are just too dad-blamed long (guilty as charged on that front 🤭). Force yourself to be efficient with your words (uh-oh 😦). Time is precious. There are enough substantive issues to be grasped without being worn down by trivial and inefficient pursuits (another uh-oh 🤭). If you have something to say: say it quickly. Don’t be long and rambling (unfortunately like this post is becoming… 😬 => oh me!).

Post grammar: Another reason many posts are abandoned prematurely is because of bad grammar. I’d probably be one of the last people in the world to stringently limit you to the King’s English (I mainly speak Texan myself). I can easily tolerate idiomatic things like sentence fragments and dialectical and regional style. I can overlook verb tense problems, dropped prepositions, unwieldy sentences, danglers, and so forth and so on. However, when a post just becomes so grammatically replete with bad spacing, stupid typos, and egregiously-incorrect grammar, I’ve been known to quickly drop that post off by the side of the road. So be forewarned.

Blogging speaks to an amazingly-literate audience out here. You don’t often find the level of literacy and intelligence that accompanies blogging. If you recognize grammatically-weak tendencies in your postings, do your best to remedy grammar-related problems before belaboring your audience. I suggest using WordPress’ draft mode to work on your posts until they are truly up to snuff. It’s good to sit on those ideas for awhile anyway. Let them germinate. I’ve found that posts tend to get better => the riper they become. Learn how to be your own editor (a must). As I’m sure you well understand => good editing is absolutely essential.

Be a blessing: whatever you post, have a reason. Make sure you’re being a blessing in some regard. You want to entertain, comfort, edify, or otherwise assist the reader in some fashion. Try to be sensitive to being a blessing. Each post needs a raison d’être. Have a people reason to post. We’re carving out community here. Be helpful. Be respectful. Be real.

Finally… Thank people for their efforts when they have blessed you. Frequently use the comment function within WordPress. Use a consistent standard in your blog comments. Your comments should have as much integrity as your posts. And as I said above (allow me to emphasize) => we are establishing community here in the blogosphere. Share yourself to whatever degree you‘re comfortable with. But people need to be able to empathize with you. Good blogging is socializing. WordPress is a (multi-faceted) community wherein people are relating to each other in an often, genuinely-personal fashion (which is cool). You don’t have to go overboard with it. Blogging isn’t Twitter or Facebook. Try not to be guilty of being overly schmaltzy => Leave that part of the job to me 😝.

Blogging has been a great experience so far. Thank you, WordPress, for such a powerful and amazing tool. I’m very appreciative of what your good offices afford.

I do apologize for the overly-long post.

Peace out and God Bless, JCT.


Does he realize he’s talking to himself? He’s had too much coffee, you know, Marvin.

Marvin: I know it.

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