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Reduced To Ashes

My wife of 46 years died Christmas Eve (heart). They revived her at the hospital but she was already brain dead. The respirator was pulled on her New Year’s Eve. This is why I haven’t been around my blog site. No rudeness intended.

I am distraught beyond all description. Any prayers you might offer up on my behalf are much appreciated. God will “make a way where there is no way.” I have no hardness of heart toward God. I just don’t know how I’m going to make it through this thing though. She was my heart. She was my life. I am reduced to ashes.

God Bless You All. You have been friends and you have been community to me. Perhaps, I’ll be on this blog later. I just don’t know right now. I am too torn asunder to even think about it right now.

Be kind to one another. Thank you for your friendships. I will always remember you fondly.

Merry Christmas!!!

A very Merry Christmas to all. A special thank you and God Bless to the nice people I have come to know here in this little corner of the blogosphere. You have enriched my life. You are a special blessing from above to me.

Also, a kind hello to Pharmacy Specialists. Thank you for all your great care this year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Turn To Stone… All Over The World… === ELO


Turn To Stone:


All Over The World:


I am celebrating the musical genius who still walks among us at 72 years of age => Jeff Lynne. Much better to celebrate him now rather than posthumously. A once-a-century maestro in our time=> an absolutely masterful genius. Just listen to the orchestral back-ground, back-beat he creates. The strings. The keyboards. Super rich rockin’ sockin’ melody and rhythm. Rock n’ roll doesn’t get any better than this.

Classical purists will puke… but to me Jeff Lynne and ELO are the Beethoven and Chopin of our Times. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Chopin and Beethoven just don’t do it for me like Jeff Lynne/ELO. My soul turns cartwheels in me when I hear Jeff Lynne and ELO. Although I’m still sitting in a chair, my feet are often pounding and dancing when I hear ELO on my little blue-tooth speaker. I love my rock n’ roll! 🙃☮️🌈☃️✝️🧡

JCT Rumination

Photo: Pinterest

Self-deception is bad. Take a good hard look at yourself once in awhile.

False humility is just as bad… if not worse. False humility is deadly. It will wreck your soul. Again, with God’s guidance, take proper stock of yourself once in awhile.

Don’t let grief pull you under. It will definitely try. Grief is a horribly powerful enemy. It will get you in its teeth and mangle you up until you’re so bloody messed-up you can’t do anything. Rebuke that beast!

Seek the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Spirit about these things. He will provide great comfort and great perspective. AND GREAT JOY!!! He is such a sweet and gentle master. The joy and literal ecstasy of His presence are sometimes just too much. Bless His Holy Name. We are so very grateful, Jesus, for your salvation and the presence of the Comforter.

Brothers and sisters, I don’t have to tell you, there’s a humongous war going on down here. And we are smack dab in the middle of it. As they said in Alien “stay frosty.” You’ll find the front lines in yo’ head! That’s where a lot of the hard action is taking place. Front lines, Keem-o-sawbee!! You’re immersed in it. Remember, although it may not seem like it, you’re not alone in that brain of yours, pilgrim. Our minds are a spiritual (and supernatural) jungle. But God is our guide. And He is faithful. Who should we fear if God be for us. NOBODY!!!

Let me just add: I don’t mean to be preaching. I’m mainly admonishing myself herein. Temptation abounds – even when you’re old like me (71). I feel older than that rusty gate in the front yard. But grace and truth will save me. I fear not. He promised to never leave me nor forsake me. He is my love and my life.

Praying for everyone I know about.

Love you, brothers and sisters.

Amen and amen… “Stay frosty”, guys.


Heading For The Light:


It’s Over:


CHURCH: Let’s Establish More Community

I believe it is important that, as well as sharing edification, revelation, comfort, and other good blessings => as believers, we also need to support each other in terms of prayer. We need to extend The Church’s influence a little bit further into this little corner of the blog world.

I am not suggesting that we turn our blog intersections into a Facebook free-for-all. God forbid. Personally, I’m not interested in spewing my entire life out for the whole planet to observe and sneer at. However, I am interested in supporting my fellow brothers and sisters in prayer here in this little corner of the blog world. I think it is needful to better establish a little bit of community among us.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer is miraculous. God hears each one of us when we pray. Your face is brought directly into God’s presence when you pray. Believe and you shall receive. That’s what the Word promises. The keys to the Kingdom, friend!

We can pray for each other. We should pray for each other. “Wherever two or more are gathered…” Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. Peter responded with “of course I love you…” Jesus responded by telling Peter that if he loved him: “feed my sheep.” They will know us if we have love one for another. We demonstrate the Love of God when we pray for each other. We will be “feeding His sheep.” We don’t have to round up a whole herd of horses right now, but let’s try to pray more for each other as there is opportunity to do so. Okay? Any comments or suggestions are quite welcome.


Concerning prayer: coming to mind are two brothers both affected by Celiac disease. It is apparently horribly painful and debilitating. Those of you who feel led, please pray for these two brothers (their great blog sites listed below):


As well, there’s another terrific brother with a great blog site at:

He’s disabled and also in need of prayer. As you might feel led, pray for this man also.


Lastly, please pray for me if you feel like it. I have a serious heart condition. Am hurting.

Thank you for your time.


Was God Lonesome Before Creation?

Photo: Pinterest


JCT’s take: granted: the below is not necessarily gospel. Below are my own thoughts.


I was asking God: were you lonesome before creation? Over time, I believe that the Lord answered my question. His answer being => “no.”

God was not lonesome (as man might have instinctively postulated). The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. They loved one another. They were complete in themselves and lacked nothing. There were One in complete and joyful union. There was no need, per se, of anything additional needed for total existential, metaphysical and spiritual fulfillment. God is perfect IN and OF Himself. God basically has no NEED of anything outside of Himself. He is pre-eternally and eternally complete.

God did not create man out of some kind of emotive need. It might be hard for man to contemplate but God had no essential NEED for man. Man might like to think so but such was not the case. God did not need man in any shape, form, or fashion.

God was completely and integrally satisfied within the separate but unitary Holy Trinity. Love existed before creation within the three-in-one context of the Holy Trinity. God is love. There is love amongst and between The Holy Trinity. They love one another.

Jesus said the Father was greater than He… but Jesus also said He and the Father were one. How can Jesus be one but separate at the same time, right? It’s a conundrum. Like the Trinity, it’s a mystery. It’s a singularity. There’s a spiritual duality that is metaphysically and mysteriously taking place. It’s akin to how Jesus told us the Holy Spirit abides within us. Each believer is more than just himself. He has God abiding within. There is individual identity but there is also a union of Spirit and power by virtue of the Holy Spirit.

Anyway… God was completely intact and satisfied in and of Himself. He was not arrogantly self-satisfied. He was satisfied in the sense that He was complete. He was lacking nothing. He needed nothing additional to complete His divine glory and sentience. He did not NEED creation. Here’s the deal though… He DESIRED creation. He wanted to demonstrate his unbounded love by expressing that love through free-willed, sentient creatures.

In the beginning (the beginning of creation), there was God and then there was the VOID. There was nothing else beside God and the VOID. The VOID was senseless and without form. The VOID was not sentient. The VOID was as the English definition implies => literally nothing. Zero. Nada. No cake. No ice cream. I don’t believe the VOID even consisted of empty space. Space implies time. The space/time continuum did not yet exist. The VOID was simply a non-dimensional construct – the backdrop against which God existed. No yin and yang BS… just a backdrop contrast.


1) So I conclude that one of the reasons that God created man was that: He wanted to demonstrate His Love. He gave Himself for us. It cost Him. It cost him DEARLY! Love costs. But God desired to demonstrate his love anyway. He didn’t have too… but He wanted too.

2) God created man to demonstrate His Glory and also so that man would give Him pleasure. There are so many verses in which it is described how man gives God pleasure. That is one of the main reasons that God created man => to give him glory and to give him pleasure.

God’s glory expands forever. It is beyond infinite. Infinity doesn’t bound God. God bounds infinity. God’s glory is forever increasing. One of the ways His Glory is increasing is through His Church. Though we are not actually gods, we are as gods – probably moreso in heaven. We will give additional expression to God’s glory as we probably venture out unto glory after glory. I believe our ultimate destiny is to extend the Glory of God.

3) This third one is sorta’ weird: Hang with me here… this is a JCT’ism. God saw the void and began to wonder. The VOID was without form or reason. The VOID was basically just a dark backdrop. I think God thought it was high time he hung up a few Christmas tree ornaments in the vast, unrelenting void. The void possibly looked sorta’ lonesome out there all by itself. God decided to launch His (pre-determined) creation into the VOID. God spoke The Word and the VOID was thereby increasingly decorated with the magnificent splendor of God’s expanding cosmological and sentient creation – in a fashion and context wherein nothing had existed before. Eureka and Hallelujah! Love the Christmas lights, Lord! Staggering! Bewildering! Overwhelming! Just SO SO beautiful!!!

Pinterest: God decorated the void

{{{ end }}}

I apologize for the overly long post.

Runaway – Traveling Wilburys (& Del Shannon)

The Traveling Wilburys: The greatest rock n’ roll gathering of all time in my opinion => singing Del Shanon’s big hit, Runaway. Just a great retrospective rock n’ roll video (below).

Del Shannon was a great one: definitely a rock n’ roll “mover and shaker.” One of a kind.

Thank you, YouTube. What a treasure trove! I just would not have imagined seeing all the wonderful music I experienced as a youth so wonderfully preserved and permanently recorded: “LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR!” Wonders will never cease.

By the way, blogsters, I have had a lot of trouble opening up YouTube videos on other blog sites. Could a couple of you check out the below links and “comment” back as to whether or not these links are actually working? It would be much appreciated.

Numbers Too Large To Contemplate

There is no end to large numbers. Infinity appears to be wrapping itself around itself… or at least asymptotically trying to do so. Forever expanding within the realm and power of almighty God.

There is no end to the exploration of the microcosm. There is no end to the exploration of the macrocosm. They conjoin in the conundrum and singularity that we call here… and now.

There is no end to the splendor, grace, and wonder of our God. We will enjoy and explore Him for all eternity and still never reach a full appreciation of all that the Great pre-eternal and forever eternal *I AM* actually is. The worthy One is the great beyond. His glory forever far beyond all comprehension.

Allegory… Metaphor… I am pre-occupied…

A HALO Over Mount Shasta – A Reminiscence

Beautiful photo of Mt. Shasta. I do not remember where I found this photo. Sorry.

Though I am not well travelled, Northern California/S.W. Oregon is some of the prettiest country that I have ever witnessed. Staggering! Breathtaking! Bewilderingly beautiful!!

I yearn for some high country right now. I’m old. I’m sick. I’m tired. My body aches. I’m lonesome. I fantasize recklessly. I reminisce woefully. I so yearn to find myself in a green forest of towering pines and firs – once again accompanied by my long-ago deceased, collie dog, Sam. Such a wonderful and dear companion he was. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Sam loved the forest when we once traveled together (Frodo and Sam). Sam was so darn smart it was uncanny… and so sensitive. The dog understood a great deal of English. He truly did. He was almost as smart as the stupid human who kept him.

And affection came forth from that dog. Can you believe that God actually imbues animals with the capacity for affection? There are such a great many species capable of returning man’s care and concern. They exhibit gratitude… and love at times: horses, dogs, cats, and so many other wild species. ***Love is the most powerful force in the universe.*** God has embedded it within all creation. Praise His Holy Name.

Forests and high country invigorate me. My soul shouts, capers and rejoices. Not being able to travel much anymore, I feel imprisioned in this concrete cell of a city that I inhabit. The big city: It has its amenities but it so seems like a prison at times. I can’t breathe. I can’t seem to think well.

A man needs to breathe the fresh air once in awhile. A man needs to commune with the wild and wonderful wilderness that God has created. I feel my Native American DNA strongly coming up in me. I am supposed to be one with the land. My forefathers understood that. Alas… I am one alright => one with the concrete… 😢

Sorry… ’tis my lament.

Photos: Sam (I am)

Sam outdoors. He loved the outdoors the best.

Sam (2yr) and Chief (6mo) in contented repose… (except for unwanted photographer, of course)

Sam was a pure bred GORGEOUS Collie

Sam… forever loved in this belabored memory of mine.

Concrete and Plastic – Two Banes Of Modern Existence

Pinterest Photo: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – twice the size of the state of Texas


Concrete and plastic: both useful and necessary components to modern day civilization and living. However…

Folks, I don’t want to sound too greenie-beanie here; but to my mind, there is far too much concrete with far too little green space in the cities. We need more green space relief in these CO2-ridden, overcrowded cities that we are being herded into.

Why can’t we peacefully merge with nature? We ought to be spread out and symbiotically merged with the wonderful and beautiful splendor of the great outdoors. Living among beauty resplendent. Cities seemingly insist on cutting down every blooming, frickin’ tree that dares infringe upon their tax-generating concrete jungle. Trees seem so precious to me. I don’t know why (hey, I live in North Texas – there ain’t that many trees here in the first place; at least naturally).

Many of the native pecan, oak and so forth have flourished here for decades upon decades (makes me think of the Ents in Lord Of The Rings). Call me oddball, but the excessive tree destruction just wearies me – it makes me sad. The advance of civilization; I know. But what a cost…

Along with too much concrete, there is also far too much landfill- and ocean-polluting plastic. Plastic-dominated refuse is aggregating together horribly in our seas. There are numerous garbage patches in the oceans millions of acres in size => humongous islands of oxygen-depriving trash, some of them twice the size of the State of Texas. Such a sad testament as to man’s stewardship of the planet. Aliens would be repulsed, would they not? Of a surety, God is not pleased with our husbandry of the planet and its plants and fauna.

There seems to be no immediate solution as to plastic strangling our oceans and our landfills. First off though, we need to establish a wider appreciation that there is, indeed, a very serious problem afoot. If we could establish a little bit more of a focus… just a little bit more of a priority… perhaps we could make some progress in the right direction over time.

We all need to be informed and talk among ourselves. We should all recycle and be aware of the simple things around us – like littering. The first step to salutary change is public awareness => recognizing that there is a problem. Let’s help spread awareness, folks. It’s really getting serious.

Thank you for allowing me to get on my soapbox a little bit 🥴 Check out the below pics and link. God Bless…


Pinterest: Inviting Looking Beach, Huh?
Pinterest: Another inviting looking beach
Pinterest: A global problem
Pinterest: Nigeria


Excerpt and Link from a great Forbes article (below):


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is part of the five offshore plastic accumulation zones in the world’s oceans and is located halfway between Hawaii and California. It covers an approximate surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers – an area twice the size of Texas and three times the size of France.

It’s estimated that between 1.15 million to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean each year from rivers. More than half of this plastic is less dense than the water, meaning that it will not sink once it encounters the sea. The stronger, more buoyant plastics show resiliency in the marine environment, allowing them to be transported over extended distances. They persist at the sea surface as they make their way offshore, transported by converging currents and finally accumulating in the patch.”

***Great article from Forbes below***

We Can Pray for the Strength to Endure

The below YouTube video is a reblogged video from:

Check out this brother’s blog site. He’s an encouragement, brothers and sisters. The man knows the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s a blessing.

Are you struggling with something right now? Do you need the Lord’s strength to endure? If you need Holy Spirit encouragement, listen to the below YouTube video this brother posted. It’s a relatively short video (~10 minutes) but the video will bless your heart… I just betcha’ it will. It did mine.

We Can Pray for the Strength to Carry on – Lion of Judah… Pastor Jason Anderson.

The Assassin’s Mace – WWIII?

Photo: Pinterest

First off => a disclaimer: The below referenced video presentation is (granted) an attempt to sell an investment newsletter. I must disclaim any affiliation or interest in that regard.

I have absolutely ZERO incentive or otherwise interest in promoting this person’s newsletter. So please… don’t think I’m trying to sell you anything. I am not. I am trying to inform as regards a potentially serious issue. There is some very interesting (and I believe => very vital) information that is being shared within this video piece.

I believe you should take a quick look at the first third of this video (as per usual these marketing solicitations are far too lengthy). Leave off as required. But take a quick look-see. It’ll scare you. This situation could well end up affecting us all.


Dr. Kent Morse (a definite insider) is sharing some very informative, albeit quite disturbing information. The below video link is all about what’s going on in the South China Sea.

This alarming presentation centers around what’s now being considered a second Persian Gulf region… this is about a potential WWIII scenario. There’s apparently a lot of gas and oil in them thar’ hills, folks (South China Sea). Apparently, that’s what all the brew-ha-ha is all about. It is very reminiscent of pre-WWII Japan and the contention over oil back then. There’s BIG trouble brewing in the South China Sea and this video very expertly and explicitly explains how and why.

*** JCT Summary***

China is beating the war drums. They have a sophisticated and deadly new Mach 10 missile => the DF-21D. They think they can “take the US down hard.” It appears to be more than just saber rattling. They feel like they now have a military upper hand in the region. And they are apparently seriously considering a first strike against US naval forces in the region.

This is evidently all about the massive, disputed oil reserves in the South China Sea. The South China Sea is being called the 2nd Persian Gulf. Reputedly, there is over $9.2 trillion worth of gas and oil reserves in the South China Sea. These oil reserves are disputed by at least six different far Eastern Pacific nations => most of whom the US has defense treaties with (Japan, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, etc.). However, China is the ‘big boy’ talking loud and militarily taking over the region.

The Red Chinese have designed and produced something they call: the Assassin’s Mace. This is that mach 10 missile. Yes, you read right => mach 10!!!… Ten frickin’ times the speed of sound!!! Holy cow! The Chinese have designed (with the assistance of stolen technology) and produced the DF-21D missile that is capable of destroying every single aircraft carrier battle group that the United States possesses.

Aircraft carrier battle groups are an extension of US power and influence. Without US aircraft carrier battle groups, we are pretty much regionally defenseless and increasingly forced into a worst case scenario (i.e. full scale nuclear war).

The Chinese DF-21D missile is capable of flying over 1200 miles to a target with pinpoint accuracy. At Mach 10, you ain’t gonna’ catch that baby from behind (maybe via satellite weapons though). It mainly requires an approach-approach defensive posture to defend against that kind of weapon. The above video is disclosing how the US is in the process of taking counter-measures against this vehement, and combative Chinese threat. However, things are not looking too auspicious from the way it would appear. Peace is incredibly tenuous at this point in time. Painfully tenuous.

Take a look at the video though. Lots of food for thought. I certainly welcome comments. What do youse’ guys think?

***JCT Side-note***

US aircraft carrier battle groups do have what’s called an Aegis combat defense system => which include missiles that are capable of successfully defending aircraft carrier battle groups… that is… up to a certain “saturation point” (as I understand it). However, with additional Chinese jet fighter aircraft squadrons, apparently US aircraft carrier battle groups can currently be overwhelmed and ammo’ed out quantitatively (that’s what this guy is saying: not my insight). Basically far too many targets to shoot down when they get swarmed. After *saturation* is reached, the DF-21D’s get launched for the final accurate kill shot.

***JCT Take***

Anyway, after you watch some of the enclosed video, please consider my own personal take on this deal (below).

To me, this is all part of the “Great Game”. There is a continuing “international resource war.” The “Great Game” is the devil’s chessboard. It is where oppression, war, and violence are conducted. Nation is played off against nation. Peoples against peoples. Citizens are cruelly impoverished to fund military structures that reach beyond all reason. In mass, people are crushed and murdered.

Even in a smaller microcosm, peoples and tribes are hounded out of their native cultures by military juntas seeking empire and hegemony. Tragic homelessness. Much suffering. Much wickedness. Much death => all part and parcel of the devil’s calling card. Part of the “Great Game”. The devil seeks destruction of the entire planet. Great Game players are therein used as they aspire to power and empire.

War is one of the most evil things that has ever cursed mankind. Yet, war and the seeking of empire never ends. Why? Greed, pride, and a lust for power. That’s why.

Man is inherently greedy, covetous, and prideful. There are always maniacs who seek riches and empire. Maniacs and their cronies drag entire nations into the abyss of war. And we the people are the ones required to suffer for it. Nation-state conflict has become so embedded in civilization, that a termination point is going to be difficult to find… given mankind’s inherent greed.

I am not a new-ager. I don’t think the current manically-pushed mentality for globalism is necessarily a good thing. But there needs to be some kind of coordinated convention or consortium of nations in regard to sharing deep (non-shoreline) ocean resources. Beyond immediate shoreline boundaries, one would expect nations to get together and make some sort of sharing agreement among themselves… as the planet begins to evolve beyond petroleum, it would seem doable and quite essential.

Alfred E. Newman

Nations act just like a bunch of selfish kids though. What’s in it for me? What other considerations could there possibly be? Who cares about stupid concerns like war and the planet. Just gimme’ mine. “What? Me worry?”

Let’s just pray that in China: as in the case of the previous Soviet Union (USSR), cooler, wiser heads prevail over the militarists. God help us.

JCT Rumination

Did Jesus ever smile? I just bet He did. Does God laugh? Does He have a sense of humor? I sure hope so. Regarding me, He’s going to need one (a sense of humor that is 🤪).

In reference to a sense of humor: He did make man didn’t he? Please… I mean no irreverence or disrespect, Lord. I suspect God would kinda’ agree that much of the time man’s feeble arrogances are rather comical.

A sense of humor is an absolute necessity in this world though. When we laugh, the endorphins get the ole’ merry-go-round akickin’ (even when the old merry-go-round bearings are getting a little rusty). Laughing is both strength and enjoyment. Laughing in the face of calamity is a well-worn human tradition. We love to laugh. We must laugh.

Photos: Pinterest


As they say: “might as well laugh as cry.”

Warp Drives Are Actually Being Pondered By Scientists 🤓…😲…😧

Photo: Pinterest

Is it just me or is science getting just a bit giddy? Crazy stuff they pursue (??). Naw… not crazy; push the perimeter. Right on!

Warp drives. Holodecks. Quantum computers. All manner of other (seemingly) delusional fantasy. Sorta’ curious how science fiction continues to so often lead the way, isn’t it?

Scientists are talking about warping the time space envelope around a spacecraft. In lieu of propulsion, fold space three-dimensionally and then traverse the abbreviated, folded space. Thereby foregoing the need for humongous amounts of propulsion (energy). It’s as easy as origami paper folding, right? (where’s my hover-board anyway?).

Excerpt and full article below about warping space itself:


Italic Excerpt (from Click on the link at the bottom for the full story.

According to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, an object with mass cannot go as fast or faster than the speed of light. However, some scientists believe that a loophole in this theory will someday allow humans to travel light-years in a matter of days.

In current FTL (Faster Than Light) theories, it’s not the ship that’s moving — space itself moves. It’s established that space is flexible; in fact, space has been steadily expanding since the Big Bang.

By distorting the space around the ship instead of accelerating the ship itself, these theoretical warp drives would never break Einstein’s special relativity rules. The ship itself is never going faster than light with respect to the space immediately around it.“

“A ring-shaped warp drive device could transport a football-shape starship (center) to effective speeds faster than light. The concept was first proposed by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre.
(Image: © Harold White)”

“Whatever the mind can conceive…” Right?

Bringing God Pleasure

The below YouTube link will provide the believer with a spiritual surge and blessing. It did me anyway.

Please watch if you have just a cupla’ minutes. It’s a short video clip (<3 minutes). Rabbi (born again) Schneider shares how we have our lives, our beings, our very essence wrapped up in the Lord. He is in us. We are in Him.

We take inconceivable pleasure in God. As well, God takes great pleasure in us. We were created to give God pleasure. It is a metaphysical miracle, a metaphysical singularity, that is so wonderful, it is difficult to put into words. You believers out there know what I’m talking about.

Watch this short YouTube video clip. I promise you it will bless you.

Thank you, Rabbi (born-again) Schneider for the teaching.

Thank you, YouTube and WordPress for the great vehicles.

A (somewhat) Puzzling Existential Question

Photo: Pinterest

First off, I must adjure: It is not at all recommended to have dialog with the devil. I do not in any-wise shape, form, or fashion encourage having dialog or conversation with the devil. Such is unwise folly. I am NOT attempting conversation with the devil. Jesus, protect me from even his nether presence, I pray.

That being said however, I do pose one existential, supernatural question in the relevant ether. It’s not that “we don’t understand the nature of his game.“ The believer does understand his game. Satan is full of pride and jealousy. There is no truth in him. There is no real mystery to his disobedience. It’s not a mystery at all! He hates God. That’s the nature of his game.

He wants to hurt God because he hates Him. He can’t have what is God’s alone. Knowing that *God is love*, the devil does everything he can to deny and destroy God’s love. Free-willed hatred of God has become his (pretended) philosophical justification; shrouded, of course, in clouds of seductive mystery and magical chicanery with which he attempts to mesmerize the gathering.

He does everything he can to mangle what God has created. He desires to be God instead of the Holy One. But God has said: “His glory He would share with none other.” Satan despises that. He cries “foul” and covets what has never been his to possess and never will be.

To me, one of the residual questions falling out then is: why would any sentient being choose to make himself so hideous and so damned? It’s somewhat curious. There is no attractiveness nor gain to be had in continuing to make oneself hideous. There is no legitimate, intellectual argument to be gained. Pride and opposition to God is an all-consuming fire. It is inherently non-sensical. It is maniacally stupid and it is totally suicidal. Makes no sense within any context or manifestation. It is total and complete madness. So why?

I believe that the devil truly hopes that ultimately, God will end up hating him. Thereby (in his own mind anyway), he would then be able to demonstrate how God contradicts Himself. It would somehow justify his accusation of unfairness. That isn’t about to happen though, I don’t think. Not in this world – not in the next.

I don’t believe that God hates any of his created beings. He mourns when any free-willed, sentient being chooses evil instead of His love. He hates what’s happened but He doesn’t hate the created one. He hates the sin that damns that created one. He hates the sin with a passion probably deeper than we could possibly imagine. But He does not hate the one who has been consumed. At least I don’t believe He does.

The sinner will be judged along with the very sin that he has committed though. In the most legitimate sense, it is not an unfair God who condemns. Rather, it is that entity’s very own sin that has damned him. “The wages of sin is death.” There is no contravening of that law. That law is embedded within the very fabric of creation.

Holy law is an integral part of the Holiness and tenderness of our God. God’s law annihilates sin and wickedness, so that the righteous may live in peace and in safety. Where joy might abound. Where life and beauty can flourish. That is a good thing. No matter how outrageously the devil tries to deny and destroy the reality of God’s law, he cannot destroy that law. And he’s really pissed off about it. A lot of us can well testify to that.

Not being able to abrogate God’s law is probably one of the substantive, bottom-line things disturbing satan. Ultimately, no matter how hateful and hideous he makes himself, he cannot make God hate him. And I believe that really hurts him – emotively… down deep. The evolving realization that God is forever good and caring and eternally full of love, is probably finally sinking in on the old serpent. Jesus defeated him in His sinless life and on the cross. The devil has been forever defeated and has been forced to slink away.

Satan continues to destroy himself in an all-consuming fire anyway – for no real gain and no real purpose. And that has truly driven him MAD! He’s defeated. He’s wrong and he knows he’s wrong. He has no real cause. This profusely irritates him deep down, I believe.

Well… that’s my take on the subject of the devil. Just my own personal opinion of course. Comments?

Praise the Holy Name Of Jesus forevermore! In Whom we have eternal victory over the wicked one.

Pinterest Photo

Strange Magic and Livin’ Thing – Jeff Lynne, ELO

Jeff Lynne. He still walks among us, folks. Under-appreciated genius. Under-appreciated legend! The man is truly one of rock n’ roll’s all time greats. Roll over Beethoven!

His musical compositions are incomparable to me. He creates such beautiful and moving melodies. My soul transcends this world listening to Jeff Lynne and ELO.

Who else has more successfully and beautifully incorporated orchestral elements like strings and piano into their rock n’ roll music than has Jeff Lynne? Not an easily achieved deal. Such rich depth is achieved with added orchestral components. There have been others that have also integrated orchestral-type instrumentation into their music (Roy Orbison, The Beatles et. al.), but none have actually surpassed Jeff Lynne’s genius in my mind.

Appreciate this man while he is still with us. Great Jeff Lynne YouTube video below:


Strange Magic & Livin’ Thing video:


Jeff Lynne’s web site videos:

Only Big Pharma Could Do It

Photo: Pinterest

Big Pharma? They continue to stifle and censor the fact that there are some extremely valuable naturopathic solutions extant. It appears that the almighty dollar continues to be Big Pharma’s god.

Their errand boy, Google, continues to censor and bury everything in search engines considered to be non-establishment medicine. Chemo, radiation, surgery => although possibly sometimes legitimate (giving them the benefit of the doubt), alternatives are seldom given any serious consideration by Big Med.

Big Pharma can’t make money from vitamins, God-given herbs and such. Doctors are increasingly harnessed in regards to natural health solutions. There is a concerted (and coordinated) effort to make sure that natural health remedies don’t see the light of day in the future. Doctors are strapped down and commanded NOT to pursue natural health avenues of medicine. It’s an “obey zee’ orders” kinda’ deal…

I have a hair-brained idea: a solution that would allow Big Pharma to still make boatloads of money… but at the same time allow for natural health remedies to flourish and provide much-needed God-given relief.

Big Pharma doesn’t like naturopathic health remedies because they can’t make money with it, right? You can’t patent herbs and vitamins. Okay. I get that.

However, let’s suppose Big Med and Big Pharma could research the active natural compounds in herbs and distill a concentrated version form of an herb. Take this concentrated form of the herb and combine it with other salient herbal concentrations to create a healing potion directed at a particular malady (potentially a researched PATENTABLE remedy).

With research (much of which already exists), create different remedying concoctions and create one concentrated gummy bear that would take the place of potentially 10-20 vitamin/herbal capsules.

Probably the biggest downside of vitamin/herbal remedies are the gob-load number of pills one needs to take daily. If Big Pharma could provide me with a researched, concentrated herbal remedy in one capsule that might take the place of 20 other raw herb pulls, I would certainly be interested. Would you be?

I’m pretty sick. But I can’t take all the good herbal remedies I need to take every day – just way too darn many pills to take. My stomach can’t tolerate it. Big Pharma is quite capable of deriving the active compounds in herbs. In fact, they’re the only ones who could actually do it – Big Med and Big Pharma.

Could it be patented? Sure it could. Add some catalysts, combine some kind of patentable ingredient and voila! Big time money. Big time remedy (in lieu of treating the symptom). Big time reclamation of public trust that has been squandered. Big time solution for Big Pharma. Big time boon for mankind. A win-win, isn’t it?

What am I missing here?